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Intricate Tendencies

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Giving a guy a blowjob: mouth -> penis -> pleasure
Eating out a girl: Okay take the blue wire and overlap it with the yellow wire making sure it doesn’t cross the red one. After that take all three of the wires and tie them all in a knot using only your left foot.

bisexuals of reddit, is it more enjoyable to perform oral sex on a man or a woman?

Reddit and tumblr has overlapped. lol

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What’s it like being a skinny person?

This whole thread.

I think I look better now that I work out consistently, but when I check myself out in the mirror I’ll always remember how scrawny I used to be. People will never understand unless they’ve been skinny before.

"Mentioning the fact that someone is overweight is the epitome of rudeness these days but anyone feels like they can draw attention to the fact that you’re thin. You would never (or most likely never) hear someone say, "You’re so freaking fat, so maybe you should stop drinking that soda!" At least every other day I’m told to eat a hamburger as if it’s not insulting at all."

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"There’s no such thing as two people perfect for each other…Once the problem is your partner rather than the situation/issue/disagreement/etc then you’re on the road to unhappiness no matter how you slice it."
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"People are pretty much always going to judge you based on your looks. Society is obsessed with looks."
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