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Intricate Tendencies

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the awkward moment when someone you lost touch for a year texts you.

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It’s interesting how

around the holidays relationships are made and broken, at least around me … on one hand people can finally express unrestrained feelings towards each other, and on the other either side’s left with despair, sorrow, lack of closure, etc.

But I don’t really have time to think about the others. I can only think about The Past and The Future.

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On Leave

… not that I’ve been active lately on here (if at all). But I’m back home in good old LA as I type this and about t - 8 hours away from my flight to Hong Kong! (which is different from the time when this post is published) Not that I won’t get internet access there, but I’d hope that I’d be busy and having much fun that I wouldn’t have to resort to coming on to tumblr (iknorite omg). But I will still be on instagram and taking hella pics of foods and cool places so there’s that! Signing off.

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I didn’t believe in this until 2 years ago.

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color run! so fun. except i wouldn’t do it so early again next time.

color run! so fun. except i wouldn’t do it so early again next time.

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lost my phone

all in all i’m actually okay with this… i feel i’m not on my phone 12/7 and actually contemplate more on things… but man no instagram for 3 weeks?! lolol

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你很遠不過你依然可以令我笑 :)

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"You’re a Fob"


“Fob” is usually used to describe immigrants from a foreign nation, who have not yet assimilated into the host nation’s culture and customs. Okay, I was born and raised in the Philippines for twelve years, and I’ve only been in states for 10 years. That was plenty of time for me to integrate (not really assimilate) my Filipino culture with the American culture. Assimilate would mean that I would completely let go of my Filipino culture and start abiding to the American culture. What does American culture mean today anyways? Ok, I won’t ramble about that for now.

Sometimes I slip a Filipino accent here there. Like the other day, I mispronounced the word, “adolescence.” I used to take this phrase offensively and it is currently deemed as politically incorrect and derogatory. IDGAF anymore. I reclaim my identity as being a “Fob.” I’m a proud fob!

Beetch, I’m fucking fobbulous! 

I love being a fob. ^__^v

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Confession #15: LDR


Running has taught me to be patient. I used to despise running because I get tired so easily.  I realized that short-distance running was not my forte. When I start panting, I would give up. But I realized that panting is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but a signal that I need to continue to improve myself. Panting motivated me to be in control of my running style.

Consequently, I started to change my pace. I tried long-distance running (LDR). It started with 2 miles 3x/week. Then it became 3 miles. then 4. Now, I can run 5 miles without even panting. It’s kind of crazy. Today, I reached my peak of 9 miles, without panting. I’m definitely on my way to half-marathon training.

Once I finish running for that long, my legs start to feel tingly and they want to keep going. The sweat cools off my body, kind of like how sanitizer feels when it evaporates in your hands. Adrenaline rushes through my brain. The combination of these physiological effects provides a euphoric feeling. I think that’s the best way to describe my runner’s high. Runner’s high not only makes me feel happy but it also makes me feel like I am on top of the world. I think that’s why I keep running. I want to achieve that feeling constantly. On top of its health benefits, running helps me balance my emotions.

I think everyone has their niche for running. If you are physically able to do so, give it a try. If you hate running, maybe start slow. Take your pace. Don’t rush. Running should be fun, liberating, and empowering, not stressful.

This is exactly what I need to read before my 5k tomorrow. Everyone keeps saying 5k is nothing, yes, but to do a good job on it is not trivial. Sadly I have not been able to practice much beforehand, so we’ll see how I wing it… The panting really does get to me though, but my inner voice will try its best to keep me going… and the goal will soon be in sight. Wish me luck.

Crashing from the highhhhhghhghgh….

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