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math in mean girls

"1 I like math

In this first clip, we are given a glimpse in to Kady’s character through her voicing of a common strength of mathematics: universality. Why is this claim plausible? What might we get out of understanding it more thoroughly?

2 invitation to mathletes

here we see the social dichotomy emerge between coolness and math. We also have the exception-proving-the-rule Kevin. Mathematicians tend to be shy introverts. Discuss.

3 talking to aaron

As Kady gives in to the dark side, math is used here as a symbol for her personal integrity

4 talking and tutoring

Here we see Kady in the depth of self-denial, choosing to fail her math tests/quizzes in order to get more face time with Aaron. The narrative voice is almost, but not quite her conscience. Notice the focus on wrong versus right answers portrayed as the natural focus point for a math discussion.

5 just the answers are wrong

Ms. Norberry has Kady figured out. Not only is Kady poor at covering up her intelligence, the teacher feels justified in giving her poor marks for correct work but incorrect answers.

6 righteous path

More math as a convenient symbol for the heroine’s return to the righteous path. “Welcome back, nerd!”

7 math contest

The math contest is full of math stereotypes. Maybe a list is in order. My favorite one to notice is the crowd. Not only is it sparser than Kevin’s “good turnout this year”, there aren’t even enough people in attendance to account for the parents of the participants.

8 final battle

The end of the contest is what puts this over the top as a math movie. Unlike many others, here the math problem itself, and the character’s philosophical resignation to struggle with it “you just have to solve the puzzle in front of you” is the culmination of the development ofthe character. Nowhere else is the actual act of mathematizing so important thematically, not in GWH, not in BM.”

I love this video, especially the description above by maximalideal. It showcases the depth of MG’s plot that people often bypass, and I like math. lol

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according to this pi will appear in the sky tomorrow/today in the bay area…

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yes maddox on math! i don’t know how old this is, but it still applies!

"Why is math the only discipline that has to put up with this bullshit? People gladly learn art, music, literature and geography. You’ll even nod like a happy idiot when you learn what a haiku is, and you never complain or whine about how you’ll never use this in your "life." When is the last time you wrote a haiku, asshole?"

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The dirtiest hoe.

Friend:I'm doing my movie project instead of math.
Me:fuck math
Me:math can wait. math is a dirty whore that's always demanding you to do it a certain way, and then gets mad when you say there's too many variables. Math is a dirty whore that makes you want to kill yourself, but then you realize how empty and incomplete the problems are--and how math probably is trying to calculate how many ugly old mathematicians did it ALL DAY.
Me:Don't bring a calculator to math class, bring a condom.
Friend:Damn dude.
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Fun with math: Dividing one by 998001 yields a surprising result →


There’s all sorts of magic to be had with numbers, and many mathematicians have made entire careers in finding these little tricks that are mostly useless, but fun anyway. Unfortunately, a lot of calculators are going to truncate the results of this trick, but if you manage to get a hold of…

Now, I find it funny that they never actually bothered explaining this, and I’m not okay with that.

As the OP has implied, many things in Mathematics don’t just happen because of coincidence. So, we’re going to look at what’s so special about 998001. One thing that I would immediately check for is whether 998001 is prime, because if not, then that will yield us possibly more info. And of course, it isn’t: 

998001 = 3^6 * 37^2

Bingo. Why, you say? 37 is quite a special number, considering 3*37 = 111, a three-digit number with the same digit. And, any three-multiples of 37 will consequently give a three-digit repeating number, up to 999. 

Now made easy to tell with prime factorization, we know 998001 is a square, i.e. square of 3^3 * 37 = 999…!  

So 1/998001 = (1/999)^2. Well what is 1/999? …
1/999 = 0.001001001…

A-ha! This looks familiar; now we’re just one step away from this pattern to that of 1/998001.

We know that dividing 1 by 999 creates this three-away 1 pattern, so dividing it by 999 again would duplicate 0.001001001… three-away as well. More formally:

1/999 = 0.001001001…
= 0.001 + 0.000001 + 0.000000001 + …
= 1 * (10^-3 + 10^-6 + 10^-9 + …) (Dividing 1 by 999 repeats 1 every 3 digits)

1/998001 = 1/999/999 = 0.001001001…/999
= 1/999 * (10^-3 + 10^-6 + 10^-9 + …)
= 0.001001001… * (10^-3 + 10^-6 + 10^-9 + …)


And that’s the pattern we’re looking for. While this makes it not so magical anymore, it allows you to realize, that this MUST happen… there are no coincidences many times in Math.

(via dataanxiety)

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