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This is spot on. I’m not pretty but I try to make up for it with my personality. I really do feel bad that when I sit, my stomach sticks out even though it’s not as obvious when I stand. The pictures of all the perfect skin and abs guys on tumblr doesn’t help either -.-. They say that guys come for the looks and stay for the personality. So…how do I get them to come (no pun intended)? No looks here

Honestly, I don’t believe in “oh I really like you just for who you are and not what you are”; it sounds so movie-like. If an ideal relationship is to have both emotional and physical parts, then one can argue that looks and personality are both factors (to what extent now is dependent on the person). Between the nicest person ever who has below average looks and a better looking (which can be average or above) but still pretty nice person? I may still consider the latter (but really, there are so. many. other factors you need to put into the picture other than looks and personality, too… le sigh)

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"People are pretty much always going to judge you based on your looks. Society is obsessed with looks."
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