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Lady Gaga & Nicki Minaj — Scheiße (A$$)

this is still my absolute favorite mix ever made and I don’t really care for either of them

Sounds really cool!

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Why does Dr. Banner have so much swag? Thor is doing a full on hair flip. Oh my jesus Hawkeye is so sassy. This is perfect.

Is it sad that I knew this was Bad Romance?


Why does Dr. Banner have so much swag? Thor is doing a full on hair flip. Oh my jesus Hawkeye is so sassy. This is perfect.

Is it sad that I knew this was Bad Romance?

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Filipinos and their ignorance.



First it was Manny Pacquiao’s comment against Obama’s stance on gay marriage and now it’s a prayer vigil against Lady Gaga’s concert. I’m really starting to believe that a lot of Filipinos in the Philippines are very ignorant. I’m not trying to generalize my own race, I’m not that stupid. I’m just merely talking about the observations I’ve seen within these past few weeks. I know a lot of Filipinos are open minded.

It’s quite funny how Manny Pacquiao made that comment and quoted the Bible when just looking at his own body he already broke one of the rules in the Bible, which is to not get a tatoo nor do any tampering within your own body. Then since he’s such a big star, even though he’s criticized, a lot (specially the adults) support his stance and go around quoting the Bible too. -_- It’s just very annoying how people can easily quote the Bible against homosexuality but then ignore everything else just because their actions contradict themselves. Or maybe they’re just going within a mob mentality…which just leads to my point, ignorance.

And now some Catholic/Christian group launched a prayer vigil held in Manila in protest of Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert in Manila. They believe her music corrupts the youth blah blah blah (I mean seriously when have we not heard of this) What’s amazing though is that Gaga promotes equality, created a foundation against bullying, has given lots of donations to Japan and Haiti, and made a stance to support people living with AIDS. So just because her music is shocking and out of the norm it means she’s a bad influence? The Devil? Against God? Really?! I’m not a fan of her but at least I can see how she’s doing more work in creating a land free of hate.

The worst thing is they keep bashing her and giving her hate which is contradictory to what the Bible wants which is to love your neighbor as you would love yourself. What they’re doing is very counter-productive. Why don’t they just do something that would help humanity (just like what Gaga does and is doing) instead of promoting ignorance and hate? What baffles me is that the comments made by some Filipinos on Facebook are very close-minded. It’s like split in half which just makes me think that many Filipinos in the Philippines really haven’t progressed much in terms of the logic within today’s society.

Why are so many Filipinos focused on ignorance and hate?

I’m sorry for singling this out, but I honestly am getting sick and tired of people saying how filipinos this and filipinos that. I know there are many filipinos that give the culture a bad name, but it should be based on the individuals who are doing the actions and not on the group itself. That itself to me is ignorant. 

Did you even hear about how in Korea, an actor or singer or w/e basically got shunned out of Korea to America because he came out the closet? How when Lady Gaga went to Korea, there was a prayer against her going there?

How there are prayers in many places that occur when lady gaga goes anywhere?

Do you know how many places are still against gays? How many places actually publicly kill and rally against gays very openly?

Don’t just point out one event going on. If you’re going to point out these events, then mention everyone who has done it or who has done worse.

I’m am so fucking tired of ANY ethnic group being spoken down to as a whole due to the actions of a couple hundred people. Fuck stereotypes, fuck grouping people into lumps, fuck the ignorance in all of that.


I’m sorry for my little outburst but this doesn’t just go to the one who posted this, but to everyone who posts anything like this and speaks down on any group of people as a whole due to the action of many.  

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Lady Gaga smiles as she visits the Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest freestanding broadcast structure that stands 634-meter (2,080 feet), in Tokyo Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Lady Gaga might have to cancel her sold-out show in Indonesia because Islamic hard-liners and conservative lawmakers objected. National police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said the permit was denied for the June 3, 2012, “Born This Way” concert that was to be the biggest show on her Asian tour. 

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ooo a new geometric dress #shapes #nerdy

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Was going to post this but now I can just reblog.
Hong Kong Goes Gaga.

Was going to post this but now I can just reblog.

Hong Kong Goes Gaga.

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Gaga in my homeland. I can see all the Hong Kong karaoke fans going cray.

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This is the same way she ran in You And I. What a dork.

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people are going to hurt themselves to use this.

people are going to hurt themselves to use this.

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